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Playtown in a few words

In the 1960s, a couple looked at their child and made a decision, they would make toys for him, for all children, and they would be different, better. From that simple idea, Playtown was created, and over the years it has developed into an original, innovative brand, faithful to its mission.

The mission that Playtown has set itself since its foundation is simple, as is the philosophy behind our toys. To give children everywhere, only the best toy they’ve been waiting for. This means creating by looking at the final product through the eyes of a child, imagining the beauty of unwrapping a new toy, thinking about and reliving their childhood every day.

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The quality of our products is high, because we have a lot of respect for our customers and their a demands. The choice of materials, from certified wood to non-toxic plastics, is a fundamental step to start our journey carefully. Every Playtown toy or sports item has a story to tell and we want it to be a success story.


If a parent chooses to rely on Playtown, it’s because they know that each of our creations meets the highest safety standards, with the utmost respect for the user and his or her family. Every product undergoes a thorough quality control process, and every batch is tested. Only the best comes from Playtown, and only something safe.


The design of our products must take into consideration to make them accessible to everyone, as well as interesting for the little ones (toys) and the big ones (sport products). Developing ergonomics, mechanics, design and colours are just some of the key steps in the design process of each of our items.

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